About Me

Scott Boelsen Photography takes the same passion and approach to architecture photography that an architect takes to design. Scott graduated with a diploma in Building Design in 2007 with a keen eye for the meticulous details, and gained full time work in the industry shortly thereafter. Come late 2008 it was time for a change. The passion for design was always there from the beginning, but now it was to come from a different place.

With the skill and professionalism developed at RMIT’s prestigious Bachelor of Arts (Photography), and expertise and attention to detail built over five years in the industry, Scott has the outstanding knowledge in photography and digital retouching to capture all that’s special and unique about your designs.


Some Clients:
Martin Friedrich Architects, Lauren McKillop Concepts, Korely Builders, Aston Development & Construction, Jon Friedrich Architects, KitchensUBuild, United Stone Melbourne, YPA, Caroline Springs Real Estate, Sweeney EA, Chris Read Real Estate, Barry Plant